Current Needs

The Chair of Polish History is supported by a permanent research fund, previously raised by the
Council, which provides financing for some extra-curricular events and routine administrative
expenses. However, Professor Trojanowska’s program does not have similar financing. The
Professorship of Polish Literature and Culture is in the University’s regular budget. The first
two Polish language courses are financed by the Slaby-Ungar endowed fund. Unfortunately, the
University is not able to support the third level language course and is seeking the support of
the Polish community. The Polish program is not unique in this respect, as many other ethnic
communities also support their programs at the University. Currently, the cost of offering
the third language course is about $20,000 – $25,000 per year. To eventually reduce the amount
that has to be raise annually, we have started an endowed fund.

The fund has now reached $155,000 and the interest from it (a small amount under current economic conditions) can be used to pay part of the cost for the third course. We hope to eventually provide permanent funding for this program covering the remaining gap. We estimate that $350,000 will need to be raised.

An additional endowment of $35,000, separate from our fund, has been established by Mr. Borys Wrzesnewskyj in memory of his father.

In 2014 the Adam Mickiewicz Foundation established a fund for Polish Studies that will amount to $25,000 within five years.

In 2016 the Organization of the Veterans of the Polish Second Corps of the Eighth Army created a fund in their name with a donation of $50,000.

The proceeds from these funds will support the Language and Literature courses. For more information and photos go to News and Events.

We are appealing to all supporters of Polish culture in Canada to provide us with the financial aid needed to ensure the continuation of the current programs of Polish Studies at the University of Toronto and the full utilization of their potential. It is also our hope that in the future, some exceptionally generous donations might make a further expansion of those studies possible.